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Acupressure is one of the most renowned ancient massage therapy that targets various human body points to revive its self-healing abilities. The therapy consists of pressing multiple acupuncture points on the palm and feet in an attempt to help the free flow of life energies to the relief points for curing various health conditions.

Acupressure helps in awakening the organs that need more attention for a better flow of its functionality. Acupressure therapy nowadays is critically used as an overall treatment that cures various blockages in the human body by enabling it to heal by itself.

Acupressure also has the ability to cure different kinds of illnesses without using any type of medication. Finger pressure is used during acupressure therapy at specific points of the body where life forces are acceded for discharging the block energies, which as a result facilitates the overall physical well being by preventing diseases through its healing capabilities.

How Acupressure Therapy is Performed?

 There is actually a lot that goes behind the pressuring process which benefits both external and internal factors of your body. The acupressure massage creates a state of compound relaxation for your muscles by using a smart formulation technique in order to relieve your tired muscles by also healing muscle tightness.

There are two particular ways by which acupressure massage can be performed. One is by targeting the trigger points that helps in relieving all types of severe body pains and the second one targets the local points to figure out specific painful areas for relieving the stimulated pain and discomforts. As acupressure is effective for both preventing and treating various health conditions it must be done under the supervision of expert therapists who can guide you with appropriate remedies and treatments that can fit right for your health condition.

Acupressure is one of the best therapy for the overall healing of your body. We at HealthHolistic have a team of expert therapists and medical professionals who can help you with the right acupressure solution for your bodily needs. Acupressure massage vary in pressure, rhythm, and techniques. We help you identify the best suitable one for your complete body well being.

Equipment used for Acupressure Therapy

Unlike Acupuncture, Acupressure is performed by the pressure of hands. The therapist uses fingers to work upon your various body points to help you with the right heal. Tappings, firm and rigid pressurizing, kneading, and brisk rubbing are some of the few crucial techniques carried out during the acupressure therapy massage.

Benefits and Remedies

Acupressure massage therapy has been used for ages and is now one of the most effective alternatives of medicine that is utilized in the form of complementary treatment in combination with health remedies as it provides multiple benefits to the human body.

Patients who regularly take acupressure massage have reported that it helped them cure stress, pain, and anxiety issues by reviving their overall health condition.

Here are some of the Benefits that Acupressure Provides

  • Dissipates lower back pain
  • Purges headaches
  • Improves digestive system and disorders
  • Controls insomnia and arthritis
  • Removes emotional stress
  • Helps cure sinus dysfunctions such as congestion and allergies

Here are some Conditions that Acupressure Treats

  • Body pain and muscle tension
  • Cancer-related fatigue and challenges
  • Motion sickness
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Strengthening during pregnancy
  • Relief from severe headache by managing stress
  • Vomiting and nausea after chemotherapy or surgery

With so many cures and solutions in one therapy, acupressure is one of the most recommended physio-therapies by medical professionals but it must be administered and carried by an expert therapist for achieving optimum results.

HealthHolistic specializes in acupressure therapies along with various other holistic health and well-being solutions. Acupressure massage therapy in Mumbai is performed at our health center where you don't require a physician to prescribe you the therapy, as we guide you with complete information on how acupressure is not just a healing therapy but it is also the most effective way to boost your energy and to get body relaxation.

Our experienced professionals are more than happy to help you before proceeding with your ultimate well-being therapy.


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