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Oxygen Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy

Oxygen Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy

 Known for its Powerful anti-oxidant function, Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy is one of the remedial therapies that can help boost your immunity. It is a preventive form of treatment and is effective against respiratory disorders including COVID 19, SARS, MERS and many more.

It is known to decrease the healing time of various internal and external body injuries.

Why Hydrogen

 Recent research carried out in Japan, Korea and the United States has proven that Atomic Hydrogen can act as an excellent Adjunct therapy and thus lessen the burden on the immune system. It is now effectively used as a preventive and therapeutic medical gas for a number of diseases.

The hydrogen molecule is one of the smallest and lightest molecules in the universe which has proven to be an effective antioxidant that helps the human body to get rid of 90% of unused and unimportant insurgents by providing physical improvements. As the human body gets older, its ability to produce enough hydrogen decreases causing oxidative stress to the body and leading to various degenerative diseases, ailments, and sicknesses. Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy is like a supplement of important molecules to your body that helps in fighting diseases and promotes effective healing for various health conditions.

How is Oxygen Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy Performed?

As hydrogen therapy is a profound medication process, at HealthHolistic it is performed by expert therapists with the utmost care and under complete guidance. The process includes inhaling hydrogen gas with the help of a hydrogen inhaler device. The process eradicates intense oxidative ignition that passes through various internal body parts to meet the hydrogen needs and to cure different health conditions that the patient is going through.

The oxygen from the body is inflamed out, and the hydrogen is mixed with the ambient air in order to produce the targeted percentage of H2 gas. The inhaler generates an odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic "molecular hydrogen gas" which is harmless yet impactful when you inhale it through the nozzle.

The hydrogen inhalation therapy is considered to be extremely effective as it helps to revive your respiratory system and also clean your lungs so that you can rejuvenate and enhance your overall breathing system.

What are the benefits of Oxygen Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy?

Antioxidants act as a friendly protective force and also help us fight free radicals. Without antioxidants, free radicals can get out of control throughout the body causing damage as they go. Free radicals are unstable or uncharged molecules that exist in the human body. They are highly reactive and likely can pull apart pieces of other molecules in order to gain stability, while searching for stability, they can even damage your body. Sometimes this can also result in chain reactions. Antioxidants like hydrogen are the molecules that safely stabilize free radicals by reducing the amount of damage that can be done.

How Hydrogen affects various important organs in our body


  • It elevates oral medicine to the level of intra-venous medicine because of ultra- quick absorption and dispersion deep into the cells
  • Atomic hydrogen is effective in reconstruction work in places where other anti-oxidants cannot due to their large size.
  • Hydrogen water is an excellent de-toxification agent due to high permeability and solubility of hydrogen.

Hydrogen Inhalation therapy
helps in

  • Protecting the lung and liver
  • Preventing osteoporosis and maintaining healthy bone density
  • Reducing muscle fatigue, motor deficits, and muscle degeneration
  • Improving peripheral circulation in diabetic gangrene
  • Lowering cholesterol and blood glucose
  • Helping maintain healthy blood pressure
  • Lowering cholesterol and blood glucose
  • Enhancing wound healing
  • Fighting auto-immune disease
  • Purifying cells
  • Anti-ageing, restoration of youth and strengthening of hair
  • Improving mood disorders
  • Anti-ageing, restoration of youth and strengthening of hair

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