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Conservative Orthopedic

Orthopedic is a very important branch of medicine that deals with the correction of bones and muscles within the human body. Orthopedic doctors can usually perform a variety of surgeries that include repairing various body parts such as joints, spine, ligaments, and a wide range of muscles. But, Conservative Orthopedic is very different as it explores all the conservative and traditional treatment options before considering any kind of surgery for treating your problem.

Conservative orthopedic therapies have a non-invasive procedure that provides you with the desired results without any involvement of surgery. The procedure of the treatment involves little to no pain and has a very lower risk of troubles as compared to surgery. After carrying out a complete diagnosis and analysis of your body, the therapy is employed individually or in combination for getting you the right results to treat and heal bones, aliments, fractures, or other types of body conditions.

When you meet some orthopedic surgeons, they start telling you about a quick procedure that they promise can provide you an immediate fix for your condition, asking you to go through a fancy procedure or surgery that can have a big impact on your condition but actually it is not the best step for you to take. Conservative surgeons are a lot different who find a perfect non-invasive solution to get you what is required.

At HealthHolistic we believe that a lot of surgeries are been done without conclusive necessity and that's the reason why our conservative physicians offer as many options as possible to you in order to cure various kinds of body ailments without going through surgery. We offer multiple pain management and physical therapies to address and correct a large number of health conditions and problems in a very holistic manner and with no risk involved. We work along with you to lay out a plan to get you the best results out of our treatments and we also keep you prepared and aware of the procedures before we get started to provide you the orthopedic treatment that your body needs.

How Does Conservative Orthopedic Work in Real Life?

 Until now, you have discovered that conservative orthopedic is a therapy or a set of treatments that are used to heal bones, aliments, fractures, or other body conditions without practising surgery.

Now you get to know that the healing process involves a combination of inflammatory, vascular, anabolic, and catabolic events that allow the body part to return to function efficiently. The conservative treatments used nowadays have originally emerged from the traditional practices which have been used from centuries to heal bones and body part with no requirement for surgery.

There are three basic principles or you can say pain or facture management stages upon which conservative orthopedic is based on. The first and the most important one is the reduction of fracture which is practised at the initial stage to stop the increase of fracture immediately, followed by holding the fracture by reducing it and then finally keeping it reduced with the help of a supported environment till the body part heals completely. Different procedures are used for different body parts, bones, and muscles based upon their severity.

We at HealthHolistic specialize in the non-surgical treatments of acute and degenerative conditions of the entire body musculoskeletal system to provide relief from pain and to heal the body parts that are facing complexities.

With conservative orthopedic, absolute recovery is possible for chronic pain syndromes, rheumatic conditions, fractures, and multifactorial movement disorders and body limitations, and all of this is possible by stabilizing the condition in a very conservative way.

Is Conservative Orthopedic Right For You?

Conservative Orthopedic is not a new stream of treatments that has the potential to heal internal structures, in fact, this method has been practised for over a hundred years and has effectively demonstrated the importance of its life-saving potential.

In a few cases, conservative orthopedic may not be the best option for some people, or may be there won't be an option available for that person. For example, damage caused by a major accident. But in most cases, the conservative methods of orthopedic have shown excellent results for a variety of physical treatments during the current times, particularly curing many types of complicated injuries such as upper limb injuries.

If you are sensitive about going through surgery may be because of its consequences or may be you are looking for something more convenient, effective, and result-driven for yourself then conservative orthopedic is the only superior option for you to try out.

We at HealthHolistic guide you with what is right for your body and suggest you the best set of treatments in order to provide a healing solution that can bring a life-changing impact on your body.

Benefits of Conservative Orthopedic Therapy

The conservative approach has long been practised as an alternative to surgery and also medical studies have shown that conservative therapy across the world in most cases is as effective as surgery. Here are some benefits of it for you to explore.


On the whole, conservative orthopedic is seen as one of the most successful physical treatment that medicine has to offer with a very high success rate that shows results accurately similar to surgery. The conservative method is safe, effective and a durable way to treat many physical conditions in a way that is right for your body


One of the greatest benefits that conservative procedure offers and the main reason for you to opt for this therapy is its pain-relieving abilities. Along with healing, the conservative method dramatically reduces the pain and almost all the candidates get significant cure results afterwards.


After reducing the pain, increased mobility, and body functionality is the next major benefit you get by conservative orthopedics. Your body starts functioning just like it use to before the aliment and also gets you back to walking without restraint. The improved mobility and functions further help you with other typical problems linked to that body part and give you total relief and comfort as a whole.


The therapist and the team of professionals unlike during the surgery, come up with a plan that addresses your problem and provides you the treatment while maintaining the goal of being non-invasive and risk-free as much as possible. The conservative methods are cost-effective yet powerful like usual orthopedic surgeries.


Once your body part starts to heal in a natural way, it gives you multiple advantages that last longer and if even in case you want to undergo surgery then conservative methods can put you into better physical condition to withstand it by providing you recovery outcomes quickly for the longest time possible.

Conditions For Which Conservative Orthopedic Has a Cure For.

Most of the Musculoskeletal Conditions and injuries may cause impairment such as painful inflammation, joint instability, restriction in movement, or muscle weakness.
Following are the conditions and the areas that are treated by the Conservative way of Orthopedic without the need for surgery

  • Osteoarthritis
  • TMJ Dysfunction
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Osteoporosis
  • Spine Conditions
  • Fracture
  • Elbow Injuries
  • Spine Conditions
  • Spine Conditions
  • Arthritis
  • Neck and Low Back Injuries
  • Muscle spasm
  • Poor Posture
  • Hip Conditions
  • Knee Injuries
  • Ankle Injuries
  • Foot/Toe Injuries

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