Keep Moving

May 22, 2020

Written by: Dr. Atul Wankhede

Keep moving when knee or hip pain strikes: Mobility relies on our body's two largest joints, the hips and knees. We ask a lot of both these joints, they must bear our full weight and coordinate movement over a lifetime of standing, walking, running, dancing, and sports. Not surprisingly, hip and knee pain are common complaints, and nearly everyone who lives into old age can expect some trouble with these joints. But taking care of your hips and knees and managing any pain that arises will help you avoid losing mobility as you age.

Unlike the popular belief, one must continue to walk inspite of some pain. The fear of aggravating the symptoms makes the effort gloomy but research says the chances of prolonged loss of mobility and setting of deformity is highest during such phases. Hence its recommended that a minimum of half an hour to 45 minutes of walking every day will continue to keep your engines running and reduces your chances of turning into a furniture.

There's a fair chance that most of us will eventually give into the pain and let the quality of life get affected. For such individuals there's always an easy way out, easier than bearing the pain, and that is to replace the worn out joint and restore the mobility.

To continue moving is the only way forward. It will not improve the disease, but it'll not let it take you over. Remember: One that doesn't move, doesn't live.

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